Elephantmen Issue 4

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Utvecklare: UCLICK LLC
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"“Hazardous Materials, Wounded Animals""
By Starkings & Moritat

As Hip Flask and Ebony Hide recover from their injuries, Miki stops by with a bunch of grapes and learns about Tusk and the torturous world of MAPPO.

Stories by Richard Starkings, creator of Hip Flask and founder of the award-winning design and lettering studio Comicraft, with art by Moritat.

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Writer: Richard Starkings
Artist: Moritat

Characters: Hip Flask, Ebony Hide, Serengheti, Elijah Delaney, Hiromi Kiyoko, Miki

Tags: comic book comics elephantmen elephant men noir mystery city hip flask ebony rhino hippo croc crocodile adventure detective future science fiction"